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最新消息 New Brand Image Upgrade of Hunston

New Brand Image Upgrade of Hunston


In recent years, the world has experienced COVID-19 and escalating geopolitical risks, canceled many exhibitions worldwide, and internet use has become more widespread and significant.

Hunston is committed to providing customers with more comprehensive guidance on acoustic components. We have upgraded our website design, product, valuable information display pages, and other content. We also uploaded a series of products to our website. As a result, you can have a better experience browsing our web.

Logo: The new logo idea comes from a speaker icon; the simple design and color tone represent our vision – professional and always supporting customers.

Website: Incorporating our new brand image, we upgrade our website to a higher level, a product searching system that is more user-friendly and accurate, more helpful information about the market, and a more convenient quotation system.

Color: Our new color tone of blue represents trust, stability, and loyalty. We always use our professional knowledge to provide services and support customers with high-quality products to succeed.

Hunston invested many efforts and years to rebrand from all colleagues and partners. As the new website launched, all the colleagues became much closer, more decisive, and more confident. As a result, Hunston can head on to any challenge in the future.

In the future, we will continue to update relevant product information and improve the user experience.