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Hunston was founded in Hong Kong; our mission is to "Focus On Problems Rather Than Ideas".

Hunston believes solving customers' problems is the only way to bring long-term benefits to both parties. We are committed to becoming the world's leading supplier of acoustic components through professional services and an extensive product line.

Hunston was established in 2012 and specializes in acoustic components with manufacturing plants located in China's Jiangsu, Guangdong, and Shandong provinces. Our products include a buzzer, speaker, microphone, receiver, piezoelectric and ultrasonic products. In addition, due to the market demand, Hunston has been developing more product categories to meet customers.

We are aware of our customer's needs for a fast and stable supply chain, reasonable and competitive prices, and attentive and professional services. Therefore, Hunston has been expanding its sales and engineering team to assist customers in solving their design and operation problems and bringing them the best quality services and products to enjoy.


To be the world’s most efficient electronics components suppliers, promote the growth of the electronics industries.


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Support every customer, we realize their innovation without barriers that benefit the world.
We understand that every innovative product from zero to one must go through many technical problems and development time. Therefore, we support every creative idea of our customers through our excellent management system and professional technical opinion to ensure that customers can realize every thought.
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Inspire & Nurture the spirit of innovation to create a better future.
We inspire and nurture our employees to try, fail and continue learning and growing. “Rome wasn’t built in a day” we encourage our employees to realize the innovation idea step by step through our project management system.
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Foster a company community where all employees can enjoy and grow in their careers with a strong sense of belonging and pride.
Our employees are our most valuable asset, and their contributions are critical to our success. We value teamwork and open culture and encourage our employees to engage with one another and the broader community through interdepartmental activities and volunteer initiatives.
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Fulfill our corporate social responsibility to protect and support our environment, communities, and human rights.
We always operate our business with a strong sense of social responsibility and put corporate social responsibility in the public domain’s important position in the company’s strategy. We invest more resources to protect the environment, protect labor rights and participate more in community work to become a sustainable business.


Our core values centered on “5C” include Care, Contribute, Correct, Change and Customer. At Hunston, we aim to improve electronics industries and contribute the society by fulfilling the “5C” values.
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We care what the customers think, our employees think, and our suppliers think.
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We give back the society and aid the people who need help.
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We do the right thing, it isn’t easy, but we know that the right thing is always right.
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We step out of our comfort zone to continuously make much progress in improving our products and services.
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We focus on customer needs, satisfy them, and value-added for our service.