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Why HST?

As a professional components company, we come to the table as a partner rather than a product provider, combining our business acumen and entrepreneurial vision with outstanding technical expertise and the ability to execute quickly and efficiently, taking your product design into the market at speed.
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Warranty Icon Product Warranty

Ensuring your follow up support
Providing good quality products is essential, but more importantly, the quick response to NG issues. Our limited warranty system provides comprehensive protection for each purchase order. Even if there is an NG problem, we are committed to reducing the inconvenience of customers immediately and solving the cause of the defective problem in the future.
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Solutions Icon Customized Solutions

Make your design easier
Given the demand for customized products in the market, entrepreneurs are looking for value-added and differentiated products. Hunston has been committed to supporting customers with all kinds of design ideas, including waterproof designs for outdoor applications, high-reliability parts required in harsh environments, and total solutions designed for the elderly or others. Our customized solutions provide customers with full support, letting them focus on their products and markets.
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Competitive Icon Better Price Competitiveness

Value added for your procurement
Hunston has developed a supply chain management (SCM) plan or strategy to reduce the cost and lead time of procurement, build more automated production lines, and strictly control the loss in the production process. Thus, customers can obtain very competitive prices.