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Latest News New Model - 3.2mm SMT Magnetic Transducer

New Model - 3.2mm SMT Magnetic Transducer


Hunston announced our new product, a 3.2 mm x 3.2 mm magnetic transducer, probably the smallest buzzer in the world.

As the most miniature transducer, the SMT3220T-40A3-12 features a thickness of only 2 mm, surface mount packaging, and a sound pressure level (SPL) still has 65 dBA at 10 cm measurement.

This magnetic transducer carries a rated voltage of 3Vo-p, a rated current not over 120mA, using the LCP housing materials, and a resonant frequency is 4kHz. Highly suitable for space-constrained designs and portable equipment applications.

SMT3220T-40A3-12 is already in mass production; it is available now. Please get in touch with Hunston for more information or a quotation.